LEAKED: Letter from President Loh to Kevin Plank

UMD | Kayla Schorr | May 19, 2016

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LEAKED: Letter from President Loh to Kevin Plank

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I am writing you this letter to express my gratitude toward you and your successes. I’m not sure any UMD students would even go to the football games if you didn’t constantly give us a boatload of free merchandise for the losers who show up 4 hours early to the games.

Your name is mentioned on every tour here at the University of Maryland.  The

Here is selfie I took of us yesterday before your speech. Did this young woman photobomb it? Weird, right?
How nice! This young woman took a selfie of the two of us. President and CEO. 

thought of your progress as CEO of a top athletics company get me in the mood to bathe in gold testudo pins. I can’t help but smile when I see students buy a $70 sweatshirt in the University Book Store, because I know in my heart that you are profiting, and that is all I could ever want for one of UMD’s top students in the history of forever.

Kev, you really are driven by fearless ideas. You had your eye on something, you flirted with it a little, you played around, and then you finished—with a great brand.

Maybe it is in our best interest to get together soon and discuss our future—you know with your involvement and donation to the university. When are you free? I could probably meet up around 3 a.m. if that’s not too late. I’ll be at the President’s residence of course.  It doesn’t have to be too formal, we can just have drinks for a little bit before we get too serious, if that’s cool with you.

Let me know when works for you. Maybe I can get under your armour 😉