A Thank You Letter to My Favorite High School Teacher

Millennials Only! | Joe Catapano | May 5, 2016

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A Thank You Letter to My Favorite High School Teacher

Dear Ms. Baker,

I heard it was “Teacher Appreciation Week” so I thought I would sit down to write you a letter to let you know just how much I appreciated all the things you did for me in high school.

My freshman year in college is quickly coming to an end and it’s putting me in quite the nostalgic mood. Just last year, I picked which college I would be attending, prom was just around the corner and everyone was looking forward to graduation. Everything happened so quickly that I was never really able to thank you for everything you did. So here goes nothing…

THANK YOU so much for letting us seniors do work all the way until the end of the year. Even though everyone stopped caring about work after they got into college, you personally made it a priority to make sure we got smarter until the very last day of school. I have so much extra knowledge now!

THANK YOU for making trips to the bathroom much more difficult than they needed to be. Before I had you as a teacher, I thought that I only could use the bathroom. I now know that I also may use the bathroom. What would I have done without you?!

THANK YOU for teaching us about sin, cos,  and tan. 

Even though I haven’t had to use this, or anything else you taught us in the real world, I’m glad that I know it. You really never know when you have to do differential equations on your W-2’s! Hmm..learning how to do taxes would have been nice. Oh well.

THANK YOU for always picking on the most illiterate student to read aloud to the class. He was humiliated every time! I miss that, especially the way it made everyone super anxious and uncomfortable. It really added to the classroom atmosphere!

THANK YOU for slipping in your radical opinions on the death penalty and euthanasia into our classroom discussion! Sure, the class might have been called, “Calculus,” but who doesn’t love extra learning, especially when its being shoved down your throat!?!?

And lastly, THANK YOU for making sure we all went off to college knowing that the bell does not dismiss us. You do.



Photo source: Wikimedia Commons