13 People I Would Vote For Over Trump

Opinion | Paige | May 4, 2016

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13 People I Would Vote For Over Trump

John Kasich and Ted Cruz are no longer running to be the GOP presidential nominee. This news has left many Republican voters feeling abandoned. Are you a Republican who doesn’t know who to vote for anymore? Well, I’ve compiled a list of people who could be better candidates than Donald Trump. Vote for any of them in place of Donald Trump and all of you’re non-racist, non-sexist, and non-bigoted wildest dreams will come true!!!!


1. Bernie Sanders- Bernie isn’t a bigot or a liar, so he seems like an obvious choice to me!!



2. Hillary Clinton- A less obvious choice, I’ll admit. Still better than Trump though!! And she’s a woman which would be a great milestone in our country’s history!
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.32.47 PM


3. George W. Bush- Bush did 9/11, yes, but I bet Trump will do even worse if he is elected!!

George Bush


4. Queen Elizabeth II- She has been the Queen of England for such a long time and England is doing well. Definitely qualified!
Queen Elizabeth


5. Queen Latifah- She is a strong beautiful black woman, so why not? If you don’t agree then you’re racist and sexist.

Queen Latifah


6. Ellen Degeneres- Ellen is hilarious and loving, unlike Trump! Why wouldn’t I give her my vote!?
Ellen Degeneres


7. Jon Bon Jovi- He is a great singer and is pretty hot! He would have my vote if he ran against Trump for sure!

Jon Bon Jovi


8. Shrek- Shrek is green and we’ve never had a green president!! If I have to choose between green and orange, I’ll choose green every time!



9. Kristen Wiig- Kristen is funny as heck! And she doesn’t have sausage fingers! She has my vote! Jump in the race, Kristen!
Kristen Wiig


10. My Mom- My mom raised me and I think she did a darn good job of it! If she runs against Trump y’all better vote for her!!



11. Kanye- Speaking of people who raised me and did a great job, Kanye West should be president!! He is outspoken and knows how to rap! I reckon he knows just as much about politics as Trump!



12. Satan- Satan is a good alternative to Trump! At least Satan knows he’s Satan!



13. Marlin from Finding Nemo- He was so determined when his son got lost and I feel he would be even more determined now!! Trump would probably say that Marlin needs to go back to the ocean though, because Trump is racist and speciesist!!                                                              Marlin