Study: It Sometimes Necessary for Bad Parents to Spank Their...

Science and Tech | Corey Rennolds | May 3, 2016

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Study: It Sometimes Necessary for Bad Parents to Spank Their Children

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In a groundbreaking study published last week in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, a team of researchers based at San Francisco State University make the argument that, contrary to popular theory, it may actually sometimes be necessary for bad parents to spank their children.

The 10-year study, with a sample size of over 3,000 dysfunctional families, analyzed trends in behavior management by those generally unfit to raise children and the relative necessity of inflicting physical punishment on said children in order to provoke desired responses from them. Remarkably, the data show a clear, strong correlation between a lack of parenting skills and the importance of spanking, hitting, and/or strangling one’s offspring.

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“It was surprising to see just how crucial it was for those who frequently lose control with their young to demonstrate their physical superiority in almost any situation, from their children exercising independent thought, also known as ‘talking back,’ to receiving poor grades on homework,” lead researcher Dr. Judy Bersich told reporters on Thursday.

The landmark study, containing contributions from over twenty psychologists, sociologists, and behavioral scientists, shatters previously-held notions about the relative significance of physical abuse in child-rearing by incompetent single or married parents.

“We found that, regardless of whether the parents preferred to spank with a paddle, belt, or bare hands, there was an almost one-to-one relationship across the board between the degree of parental inadequacy and the need to cause their own flesh and blood physical pain in order to get them to act a certain way,” Bersich added.

When asked about the direction of future studies in this area, Dr. Bersich proposed that they may take into account how other methods of abuse, including excessive, arduous household labor and high-decibel, close-proximity shouting, factor into the disciplinary program employed by utterly helpless parents.

Article by Corey Rennolds @CoreyRennolds. Feature image sourced from Wikipedia.