Pop Artist Does Thing

Entertainment | Corey Rennolds | April 27, 2016

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Pop Artist Does Thing


SOMEWHERE—Sources confirmed earlier this weekend that a pop music artist has recently done a thing of some sort. The thing, since the public being made aware of it, has been discussed incessantly on social media presumably as a development of some kind of significance to a lot of people. Many individuals across the Internet have reportedly expressed their opinions, which range from the negative to the positive, regarding the thing. While some have felt the need to make clear their disinterest in the thing having occurred, others have remained vigilant in referencing the thing in commentaries anywhere from short to long in length. The pop artist, who has done other similar things in the past, will most likely do another thing at some point in the future, when that thing will in all likelihood be given a comparable amount of attention. At press time, some other pop artist had done or released some other thing, which apparently has also been worth talking about a lot.

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