Marginalized ‘Terps for Trump’ Members Forced to...

Politics | Adam Goldberg | April 26, 2016

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Marginalized ‘Terps for Trump’ Members Forced to Chalk at 4 a.m.


COLLEGE PARK – As Maryland residents head to the polls, several members of the “Terps for Trump” student club at the University of Maryland have reported feeling marginalized for supporting the presidential candidate of their choice. 

These students, often seen coloring on sidewalks with oversized crayons, have resorted to chalking at 4 a.m. to avoid being pestered by nearby community members. Freshman Ben Hamilton, a member of Terps for Trump, emphasized that the disgusted looks he has received from onlookers has forced him and others to start chalking when “pretty much no one” is awake.

“When we would chalk during the day, we would be confronted by people with rational, well thought out arguments. It’s the wussification of Obama’s America if you ask me,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton praised Trump’s stance on race-related issues, deeming it the “main focus of our club.”

He added, “African Americans have rights, women have rights, gay people have rights now and everything, and obviously, not all Mexicans are rapists. But probably most, ya know?” 

When asked a direct question about Trump’s policy plans, Hamilton ignored the question and proceeded to rant about their plan to build a wall outside of the Nyumburu Cultural Center, simply insisting that the Latin Dance Club would pay for it.

Although he understands why some college students are drawn to Bernie Sanders’ free college plan, he has difficulty wrapping his head around why he chose to go to school with “so many poors” in the first place.

At press time, the “Terps for Kasich” and “Terps for Cruz” clubs were collectively seen crossing out “TRUMP 2016” near Hornbake Plaza.

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