9 Places To Meet Nice Guys In College Park

Millennials Only! | Paige | April 25, 2016

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  Hey ladies. I know that it’s so hard to meet nice guys these days, so I compiled a list of my favorite 9 places to find the nicest ones in College Park!! You’re welcome! 🙂

1. Chipotle


Chipotle is the perfect place to meet guys!! There are lots of frat guys there, and you have something in common with them(finally!): You both like Chipotle!

2.  Smoking Circle outside of McKeldin Library

McKeldin Library

I don’t know about you, but smoke blowing in my face reminds me of home!! If you like home, then you will definitely find the guys in this smoking circle smoking hot!!

3. The Last Orange Bus on Saturday Night

bus chairs

Guys on the late night/early morning orange bus are the nicest! They’re typically underclassmen and so easy to talk to! Definitely the type of guy you want to take home to your momma!

4. The Bars

bud light

If you can’t talk to nice guys in real life, welcome to the bars!! Only College Park’s best men show up to RJ Bentley’s, Terrapins Turf, and Cornerstone! Another great thing about the guys here is that they want to date you and they like you for your personality. Go get ’em girls!

5. The Bars at Closing Time


Now you might be thinking, “Wait, what?? Didn’t she JUST say the bars?” Well yes, I did… BUT there is something magical about the bars at closing time! Guys who might have written you off earlier in the night will become interested in hanging out with you all of the sudden! It’s a 2AM miracle! These guys will be so nice to you for the rest of your life, so you should hang out with them as soon as possible!

6. Pizza Kingdom After a Night Out


These guys are amazing. They will buy you pizza in an attempt to win your heart forever! Take their pizza… They mean well!

7. McKeldin Library: 7th Floor


The guys on this floor are not afraid to show you how interested they are in you which is REFRESHING to say the least! Also, this is the floor that all the older guys go to, and who doesn’t love an older man!?! They’re so much more refined!

8. Dorm Showers


It sounds weird, but if there’s a guy there when you get out of the shower, you know he’s nice: He’s seen you without makeup on!! If he has a camera when you step out and a shocked look on his face BONUS POINTSSSSSSS!!! He admires you and is just embarrassed to admit it! Go get him, girl!

9. In Your Roommate’s Bed

dorm room

 If he’s good enough for her, he’s good enough for you!