12 Signs Your Roommate Is a Total Narc

Millennials Only! | Zoss Assefa | April 12, 2016

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12 Signs Your Roommate Is a Total Narc

Does your roommate ever do some real questionable shit that makes you think he’s weird? Well no worries, chances are he’s not weird and is actually just a narc. And if he does any of the things on this list, he’s most definitely a fucking narc.

1)  His favorite movie is 21 Jump Street. He especially can’t stop saying how “it was totally so sweet” the part where undercover Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill “bust the shit” out of all those young high school “drug lovers”… he’s a total fucking narc.

2) His second favorite movie is 22 Jump Street.

3) His most recent search on his computer are “hip kids smoke weeds where?” “vape shop   is marijuana store?” “how to blend in with college kids,” “loud weed, what is volume of weed?”

4) Every time you take him to a party, it somehow gets busted and he won’t stop talking about how “that party totally got narced”.

5) He always complains that every party he goes to gets shut down while he’s there.

6) He has 7 pairs of handcuffs in his drawer because his girlfriend is kinky.

7) He doesn’t have a girlfriend.

8) He has a fully pressed police uniform for “themed parties.”

9) He likes to point out how that whole “you-know-you-gotta-tell-me-if-you’re-a cop” bit that sketchy guys say during drug deals in movies is not factual at all. Like he really likes talking about that.

10) He’s always complains Police Auxiliary don’t get enough respect.

11) Blacks out and tells you about how he didn’t even want to go to the police academy but he had to prove to his dad that he wasn’t a total pussy.

12) He tries to stop and frisk every single one of your black friends that come to your room.