I Don’t Even Want To Fuck The Basketball Team Anymore

Sports | denicehamilton | March 31, 2016

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Ugh. The basketball team used to be so hot!! But not anymore… Since they lost in that game “thing” something inside me has changed… Idk. I used to want to drop my pants every time I would see Jake Layman and Melo Trimble, but now I want to keep them on??? It’s so weird.

Not. Hot. Any. More.

I used to go to Turf every Tuesday to see those boys and now I only go every other Tuesday to see them! It’s so weird how people change sometimes. Fishbowls at happy hour are just not as sweet now that I know that we didn’t win our big game!!

Tbh, I didn’t even know that we lost when we did so I totally still wanted to fuck all of those guys until likeeeeeee tuesday of this week, but then I was telling my friends about how cute they were and how I couldn’t wait until the next game and my guy friend was all like, “Uh, you mean next year??” I was like “Uh, no you dumb idiot look at the schedule. Damn.” But then my other friends told me that we lost too and if more than one person says something then that makes it true so I was like “Ughhhh okay. Wow they’re not as hot anymore.”

Life right now is really hard for me. Idk what the next sports team that I want to have sex with is going to be. I appreciate any suggestions. Lacrosse? Golf? Baseball? Tennis? Soccer? Wrestling? Ultimate Frisbee? Are there other sports?

My life used to be consumed by thoughts of hooking up with the basketball team and now I don’t think about that as often. I just don’t even think that I want to fuck them anymore.