Does Kanye West Have Maryland Pride?

Entertainment | Jack Wisniewski | March 10, 2016

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Does Kanye West Have Maryland Pride?

For those of you who have heard Kanye West’s recently released album, The Life of Pablo, AND attend the University of Maryland, you probably feel a little empty inside.

Fortunately for all of you quirky Terps, one determined Maryland supporter has taken it into his own turtle claws to fill the inner void we are mutually experiencing. DJ Testudo, the up-and-coming producer from the Prince George’s County area, has transformed Yeezy’s revolutionary album into a timeless sensation for Terps to enjoy for centuries: The Life of Testudo.

That’s right! Soon you will be able to listen to Kanye’s T.L.o.P. with a fresh and eccentric Terrapin twist.

DJ Testudo felt similarly to most of us Terps after hearing Mr. West’s album: “I love Kanye and everything he has done for music, but after hearing [T.L.o.P.], I sort of felt uncomfortable. It was kind of like when you go to a Maryland football game all decked out in your gear and the Terps lose 0-35 against the University of Puerto Rico. It just didn’t feel right. Anyway, I began planning out The Life of Testudo later that night.”

The album includes in-depth remixes of every track on The Life of Pablo, including intermissions.

When asked about his complete rework of T.L.o.P. and its appeal to the Maryland Terrapins, DJ Testudo said, “I stayed up late many evenings trying to figure out how I could include subtle elements of UMD while retaining the authenticity of the original album. I think people are going to like how it came out.”

DJ Testudo has not decided upon a release date for T.L.o.T., but he released a one minute teaser on his YouTube channel of his rendition of “Real Friends.”

Check it out: