8 Ways You KNOW You’re a Senior

Millennials Only! | Corey Rennolds | March 9, 2016

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8 Ways You KNOW You’re a Senior


As the end of college life draws near, fourth-year students may start to notice themselves slipping into a few amusing habits. Here are eight things that senior students tend to have in common:

1. Nothing says “senior” like forgetting the chloroform at home and having to use a rock you found instead!

2. You KNOW you’ve got the crazy senioritis when you run out of rope to tie down their wrists. Such a senior thing to do.

3. Seniors may tend to gloss over minor details, like laying down a tarp to avoid getting blood stains on the carpet, so that they can finish their work quickly.

4. If you’re close to graduation, you’re probably used to purchasing an insufficient amount of hydrochloric acid to fill your bathtub, right? Senior slip of the mind!

5. In years past, you’d be embarrassed to show up to class with bits of gore still in your hair. But now that you’re a senior, you can’t be bothered to care.

6. Can’t find where you left the incriminating weapon under all those piles of unwashed laundry? Senior alert!

7. LOL, you slept through your last final exam of college because you stayed up all night scrubbing the walls with bleach!

8. The police are here! Seeeniiiooorrrsssssss!

Article by Corey Rennolds @CoreyRennolds. Photo credited to Shilad Sen.