Melo Eats Yellow Jell-O

UMD | Alistair Faghani | March 7, 2016

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Melo Eats Yellow Jell-O


Point guard positioned, eyes on the prize
Our boy, our hero, the source of our pride
Melo lifts up the lid, and beholds with his eyes
the most glorious, golden, yellow Jell-O inside!

In one fell swoop, he spoons up his prey
“Jell-O be gone, I will eat you today!”

And just like that
like a scene from Othello
Melo lays waste
to his sweet yellow Jell-O

But lo what is this?
Still hungry for more
Melo makes haste
to the nearest convenience store

He zips through the aisles
scanning with precision,
all the many different colors,
with his yellow Jell-O vision

But seeing only a sea of greens, and blues and ungodly reds galore
our dismayed hero collapsed to the floor
Without his yellow Jell-O
Melo was no more