14-Year-Old Boy Organizes “Free the Nipple” Campaign Rally

US and World | Adam Goldberg | March 4, 2016

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14-Year-Old Boy Organizes “Free the Nipple” Campaign Rally

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In the digital age, middle schoolers are starting to get a taste for activism in the real world. On Wednesday, Mason Dwyer, 14, led his group of guy friends in a rally protesting the oppression of the female nipple.

Mason took a break from his staged rally outside of Woodvine Middle School to speak with the media about his endorsement of the “Free the Nipple” campaign. Noting that a majority of his research has been conducted via Google Images, Mason is angry that society has sexualized female breasts yet allowed men to openly expose their breasts in public.

“It’s a double standard and I won’t support my middle school as they do nothing about it.”

Additionally, Mason has suggested frequently entering the girl’s locker room just to promote gender equality.

Censorship on social media has become another avenue for women’s oppression. Instagram and Facebook will remove any graphic content containing female nipples. Mason has repeatedly spoken out against Instagram’s community guidelines. He was spotted pointing to his army of seventh-grade friends protesting in a circle with signs that read, “topLESS is MORE” and declared, “In my community, we’re here to fight censorship, sexism, and most importantly, tan lines.”

The 7th grader believes that female empowerment has inspired his efforts to rally for social change.

“If men are allowed to show their nipples, women should too, please.”

Mason’s grassroots campaign efforts have been applauded by feminists all over the Minneapolis area.

When asked if his older sister, Olivia, 17, should participate in the campaign, he quickly replied, “That’s gross, c’mon.”