7 Signs She’s Totally Into You and Not Chad Jackson, the F...

click here ya dingus | Alistair Faghani | March 2, 2016

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7 Signs She’s Totally Into You and Not Chad Jackson, the Five-Star Recruit

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It’s time you paid attention to those little details. You’ve had homeroom together since freshman year and now the tension has reached a fever pitch. The evidence is there; you just have to know what you’re looking for.

1. OK, yeah, Chad’s got the looks, the future, and he’s actually super smart, kind, and compassionate, but she knows that none of that matters. And plus, you have that special stuff that only you know about. And she sees that stuff. Chad’s great, but let’s be honest: you get the job done. You work hard, you drive Gregory to soccer practice, you were patrol of the month (two times in a row). You actually floss!

2. She saw you totally pick that half-eaten Hot Pocket out of the trash and put in the compost. She digs that. She thinks you’re a humanitarian.

3. You’re a vivid and meaningful individual with your own set of problems, ambitions, aspirations and defining qualities. How could she resist such a complex and meaningful person?

4. What’s this? You see Chad walk out of the counselor’s office. You watch a tear twinkle down his chiseled cheek.

5. You realize that Chad’s more than a jock: he’s living an equally significant life, complete with his own struggles, triumphs and beautiful little memories along the way.

6. Just look at how he eats celery and cream cheese with those tiny raisins sprinkled on top with his little niece and only buys the tissues infused with lotion because of his sensitive little nose. He once spent a summer building a climbing wall at a local preschool and didn’t even ask for community service hours. His parents are divorced, but they all still celebrate his birthday together.

7. You know Chad makes her happy. He listens to her. She listens to him. They have a future together. Be happy for her. Be happy for Chad.


Photos courtesy of Mike Wald and Danielle deLeon