15 Things People at UMD Say Way Too Often

Millennials Only! | Jason Siegel | February 23, 2016

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Marylanders are a unique breed of people, complete with our own customs, traditions, and even language! Regardless of whether you’re a native Marylander or an out-of-stater, a graduate student or a wee freshman—if you’re a Terp, there’s no doubt you’ve heard (and said) these common UMD catchphrases a few too many times!


Photo source: Mike Mozart
Photo source: Mike Mozart

1. “One shot of Old Bay, please!”

As a Marylander, you love Old Bay on crabs and, let’s be honest, pretty much everything else, but there are few things quite as satisfying as downing a shot glass filled to the brim with Old Bay three to five times a day. Out-of-staters just don’t get it.

2. “Bing bong.”

This common UMD expression is often said by kids in fraternities. It is like saying “word.” Basically, it means “I understand,” or “I agree.” You might hear this in the following context: “Hey man, I’m gonna be a lil’ late to the pregame, you guys can start without me.” “Bing bong. We will.”

3. “I am a student at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, 20740 go Terps!”

This notorious Terp catchphrase first gained popularity in 2014 after Dez Wells gave this response in a post-game press conference when asked what his team could do differently in their next game.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.01.41 PM

4. “It was Slam Dunk.”

Often heard in the context: “That party was Slam Dunk,” or “Want to go to Bents tonight?” ”Nah, I heard it’s not Slam Dunk.” This famous Terp turn of phrase was stolen right from the cold, lifeless lips of NCAA and Terp legend, Len Bias, and then quickly caught on as fun new slang shortly after his passing in 1986. Since then, Terps haven’t been able to stop saying it.

Photo source: Matt Chan
Photo source: Matt Chan

5. *High-pitched shrieking*

Nothing more Maryland than walking down Frat Row to see the president of each fraternity perched like a gargoyle on the roof of their respective fraternity house and showing their school spirit by screeching into the moonlit sky for hours each night. And who says UMD doesn’t have school spirit? Go Terps!

6. “I’m allowed to skip class because President Wallace Loh is my father.”

Good ol’ Papa Loh. How many among us can honestly say they haven’t used their filial relationship with UMD President Loh to get out of a class or two? Not many!

Wallace Loh in a #1 Dad Hat

7. “I’m allowed to skip class because Melo Trimble is my father.”

Good ol’ Papa Trimble. How many among us can honestly say they haven’t used their filial relationship with UMD point guard Melo Trimble to get out of a class or two? Not many!

Mel Trimble #1 Dad

8. “I am the living embodiment of Christ almighty.”

We’re almost tired of hearing this one by now, but then again, there’s nothing more bittersweet than hearing all of your professors say this on the first day of school after summer break. You may be in class, but at least you’re back home in the land of the red, white, black, and gold.

9. “I ride an army of Chesapeake blue crabs to class every day.”

What else do we need to say? If you haven’t done this at least once, you don’t go to UMD.

Photo Source: Andrey Papko
Photo Source: Andrey Papko

10. “Can we stop by Testudo on the way to our test? I want to drop off my offering of a small mammal.”

One of UMD’s most sacred traditions is the offering of small mammals to the great God of Academia, Testudo. Legend goes, if your offering is gone in the morning, it means Testudo has accepted it and will bless you with an ‘A’ on your exams! However, as many freshmen find out the hard way, if your offering is larger than a very large squirrel, Testudo will reject it and you will have to suffer the consequences.

11. “I was the one who set Testudo on fire in 2013.”

Every UMD student wants to take credit as the reason Testudo was lit in 2013. Unfortunately, there is only one hero who had the courage to do what needed to be done that cold December night.


12. “I’m going to do it again.”

13. “On September 17, 2016, Testudo will once again light up the night sky.”


14. “When my parents went here, Cornerstone was called ‘The ‘Vous’.”

Although Cornerstone Grill is now a staple of most UMD students’ college experience, that beloved, grimy daycare for drunk kids wasn’t always called “Cornerstone.” As any UMD legacy will tell you (via their parents), from 1962 until December 1996, Cornerstone used to be an even grimier bar called The Rendezvous Inn, where your parents probably got smashed and hooked up on the reg.

15. “No one can stop me.”

testudo on fire 2


Article by Jason Siegel – @Flockof_siegels